I’ve been tagged…

Elaine over at redheadrev tagged me.  This means I list ten random things about myself and then tag five others.

1.   People think I am Mexican.  Never in my life did anyone once suggest or ask that until we became missionaries to Mexico 12 years ago.  Now most people assume I am and are shocked when I tell them I am actually first generation American born to Hungarian parents who fled the Revolution in the late 1950’s.

2.   My  dream vacation is an Alaskan cruise.

3.   I’d rather give birth than go to the dentist and hear that drill.

4.  I cry at fine arts performances, whether dance or musical  (so beautiful I can’t help it!).   Especially Handel’s Messiah.  Wow!

5.  I’ve traveled to, ministered, or lived in eight different countries.

6.  English was not my first language.  (Hungarian was).

7.  My first date with Mike was a live Broadway production of “Singing in the Rain” (with real water for that rainy dance scene on the street, you know, the one where the actor  jumps in puddles and swings ’round that lamppost).

8.  I love being a missionary but very much dislike itinerating (which is what we are currently doing).   It’s like going from being a ‘fisher’ of men to a ‘beggar’ of men. 

9.  I do not have a college degree.

10.  One of my most thrilling experiences was white water rafting on the Youghaheny River (sp?).

Now it’s my turn to tag five others.  Hmmm, *think*think*think.

Okay, here goes:   Pam, who inspired my blog into being in the first place,  and these others that my blog life has since met and whose blogs I enjoy reading:   Cahleen, Cbgrace, BelovedMama, and Titus2woman.

5 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged…

  1. I enjoyed reading this! I panicked thinking about having to do this…so I decided I can use my doctor’s excuse today….I had a mammogram this morning….it was so painful this time!!! I guess that could have been one of the random things about myself, huh?
    heehee…random…that seems to describe my brain function today…

  2. Thanks for doing this! It’s a fun way to find out more about people you only know from their writing. What state do you call home? If you are ever in Michigan itinerating, make sure you let me know! And who could like itinerating? I would like to be a missionary some day, if that is God’s will, but I dread that part.


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