Paint Therapy

I enjoy quiet times, and one way is to go down to the basement here at the missions house and paint.  Painting is something I’ve wanted to learn to do for years and kept saying, “when we get back to the states for itineration, I’m going to learn how to paint.”  So for Mother’s Day 2006 my four wonderful kids pitched in and bought me an entire set to get me started.

Some things I’ve done in the past year and a half:

Painted Pots:

IMG_2081 March 2007 062

Wooden gifts:

Smokey Mountains 011 May 2007 011

and now trying to figure out enamel acrylics on glass ornaments:

Nov 3, 2007 015 Nov 3, 2007 012

I made some things to sell at a craft fair and have even toyed with the idea of selling some online through a low cost e-shop, but am cautious about investing precious time doing that if it won’t be profitable.  (and profitable would really help as we now have one in college and one- my DH- continuing his Masters he started 10+ years ago).

So far, I’ve given most everything I’ve painted away and there has been a return of joy and other blessings to that, aside from the relaxation and ‘therapy’ it affords me each time I dip that brush and begin another project.

BTW, I’ve only learned to paint flowers so far!  I really need to expand my artistic horizons. 


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3 thoughts on “Paint Therapy

  1. okay, you’re right. I should change it to read “…only flowers and a pumpkin”!

    My comment was more on the thinking of people, animals, landscapes. Then later come the different mediums, etc.

    *sigh* So much to learn, so little time

  2. Wow! That is impressive for such a short amount of time. I really love the first pot and the ornaments. Isn’t that first pot a pumpkin? If so, that’s not a flower. 🙂 You know more than you realized.


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