Love has its limits….


Our seven year old daughter is daddy’s little sunshine.  Being sibling number four to three older brothers has given her motive to wrap daddy around her little fingers.  And he loves it, especially when he gets another one of her homemade love notes with more colors on it than Joseph’s coat.

Here was her latest:

Dear dad, I love you so much that I can’t stop loving you and where ever you go I will go too unless you go to the bathroom“.

The greatest part is that the note was not meant to be humorous; rather it was sincere and…logical!  We warned her brothers they better not laugh or tease her about it, or else…


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4 thoughts on “Love has its limits….

  1. Cahleen- yes she is!

    Red – she makes about two a week…every once in a while I get on too!

    Hellen – I still chuckle when I read it. As for her brothers, the crime is not so much in laughing, but the way they laugh…and tend to rub it in. (Then there’s the simple fact it being her brothers who are doing the laughing!) How can I psycho -fix them?!?

  2. aww, how sweet. but i can see why there was a need to warn her brothers not to laugh. glad she couldn’t see me as i read it…lol.


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