The Call, part 2

(this post will make little sense if you have not read The Call, part 1 first.)

Sensible!  Logical!  Of course God was sending us to Europe.  I spoke fluent Hungarian and dear hubby was proficient in German.  Ha!  God would use those language abilities and send us to, say, somewhere like Austria where in certain villages both languages are spoken.

Besides the language, there were a myriad of other reasons:  our best missionary friends, at that time, were all somewhere on that continent; we had taken a couple of short term missions trips to Europe, one to Holland and the other to Germany and loved both; growing up as first generation Americans, we both understood the mentality of the European culture (in other words, no major culture shock to expect); and finally, thinking of places in Austria made we want to leave ASAP as visions of The Sound of Music danced in my head.

Incredible the patience the Father must have had as my mind jumped to so many inaccurate conclusions. His whisper of “trust me” was breathed as He solidly closed that door to Europe.

Are you kidding me?” I asked Mike.  “No, look- it’s officially on letterhead” he replied.  He was holding a letter from the world missions department of our fellowship, which in effect stated that they were not accepting any new applications for missionaries to Europe.

It was unthinkable!  What kind of person writes a letter like that!?  I was in a tizzy.  Great, time to pray some more.  (Not that I mind praying, but when one has to go before the Almighty after thinking her spiritual maturity was at the helm of all those assumptions, well, you get the picture).

So once again I found myself having to surrender to a deeper obedience.  (Interesting how that fit into a nice little sentence when the reality of it was more like a Shakespearean play!)  Through prayer and Bible reading,  God once again spoke to me, assuring me with an invitation and another step of faith.  This time the 12th verse of Philippians 3 was my rhema word of the moment:

but I press on to lay hold of and make my own, that for which Christ Jesus has laid hold of me and made me His own.

It was inspirational motivation!  A needed reminder (or revelation?) that there was a specific purpose for my life, a reason He took hold of my life.  Yes, to be saved and spend eternity with Him, but besides that there was a plan for me here on earth before that eternity begins, and part of that plan, at this point in my life, was to be a missionary – in the country of His choosing.

Happy to oblige, I responded “Yes, Lord, I’ll go anywhere you send us, as long as it’s not to Mexico or to Ethiopia”.

I guess I had more ‘pressing on’ to do, eh?  Now this post is getting quite lengthy, so I’ll have more ‘splainin to do in The Call, part 3.  And by the way, I’ll tell you the truth behind that letter we got!

10 thoughts on “The Call, part 2

  1. @ Ilona – your comment came through on my e-mail and my first reaction was, “Huh? I didn’t post anything….and why would it come this route if it’s from me?” Then my brain kicked in.

    I speak it, but not nearly as well as I used to. It was my first language. I can read it too, but again that ability is waning for lack of practice. I have some Kossuth Lajos and Gardonyi Geza books here I keep packing and taking with me through every transition. I better take time to sit and read a bit so I don’t lose the ability all together.

  2. Anywhere but Mexico or Ethiopia? That’s funny! Isn’t it ironic? I don’t think it’s coincidence that God does those things 🙂

    By the way, it was Europe’s loss! Glad you’re in Mexico!!!!!!

  3. @ Sista Cala- that is the path of the christian life, to continually be led into deeper obedience which results in greater faith and knowledge of God
    @Hellen – 🙂
    @ Jamie – I believe many can relate; we may have such a deep love and respect for God and desire more than anything to serve Him, but our humaness does reveal itself each step of the way. That’s the beauty of a living relationship between the Creator and his creation.
    BTW, I’m glad you enjoy reading my story and I love being a blessing to others, but as for being great? Yikes! No way. That’s an uncomfortable adjective place on anyone!

  4. i love your story. you are so great and such a blessing. this story reminds me of myself so many time putting stipulations on what i will and will not do for God. but, i love how he gets me where He wants me in His own special way.

  5. “…having to surrender to a deeper obedience.”

    I love that line. I have had to do the same thing…so many times…

    I am just so thankful that He will be so direct and forceful yet so merciful as to wait for us to make the right decision.

  6. Suspense…gotta love it

    Truthfully, kids have had four ‘snow days’ already this month and I joined a ‘biggest loser challenge’ a month ago which means I have been at the Y working out almost every day. All this translates into: my time is even scarcer than it had been before!


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