Man’s ministry flourishes after he dubs himself an apostle

No wonder so many ‘apostles’ are popping up these days. Check out the story:

LAFAYETTE — A little-known evangelist from Louisiana has become a rising star in the South ever since he added the title “Apostle” to his name. George Mahaley, once a no-name itinerant preacher who criss-crossed Alabama in a trailer with his family, is now packing out large churches and selling truckloads of books.
“It really was simple,” he said in a phone interview. “I just woke up one morning and started calling myself ‘Apostle Mahaley.’ I printed up letterhead to that effect, and changed my voice mail. People started paying attention.”
He made no other change in his ministry, which friends have characterized as “decent preaching with a few funny personal anecdotes.”
Mahaley had sold cars and carpets before entering the ministry in 1988. But he struggled and sometimes sold “magic wands” door to door to supplement his income.
“A magic wand is something you wave over your head and it sort of makes you feel better,” he says. “It’s more an idea than a product. The people who bought them knew that.”
He made the ‘Apostle’ change because he “thought it was a good marketing idea and I had to juice things up.” Friends of his are considering making similar name changes and “coming into their full ministry potential.” •

In case you haven’t yet figured it out, this is religious satire. I found this comical article at Although I don’t like everything I read on there, some of the stuff is pretty funny – and we all need a good laugh once in a while.

As for the ‘apostle’ title, it is biblical when used…biblically, but like so many other things in Christendom, the latest boom in ‘apostleship’ is just another fad. Not sure what it means biblically? Read about the lives of Paul, Peter, or even John. Dig into the Word and other helpful study aids to find the truth.

You may find something about sacrifice and suffering, upside down crucifixions and boiling oil, preaching the Gospel, chains, persecution and trials. Now, if you come across fortune, fame, applause, Cadillacs, preaching of fluff, $800 suits, or self proclaimed leaders of movements, please be kind to clue me in; I just haven’t been able to find those.

6 thoughts on “Man’s ministry flourishes after he dubs himself an apostle

  1. @ Sis Cala – I think they give themselves the authority?

    You describe an amazing servant of God to be sure…but I don’t find that as being what an apostle is in Scripture.

  2. I used to wonder about folks that used Apostle for their title. I wondered just who had the authority to give them that title. sometimes, I still wonder.

    One thing I know is this, when you see a man of God that is gifted in numerous abilities and imparts wisdom and knowledge into his staff, and has a ministry that is focused on outreach/missions, and one who is willing to send his staff around the world if necessary….then, you have found an apostle.

  3. @ Anne Marie – you’re smart!

    @ Hellen – Ha…just goes to show you can’t judge a book by it’s cover…or a post by it’s first paragraph! Enjoy the site and have a laugh on me…


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