Am I Late to the Blog Fiesta?

imageThis depends on who you are, how you think, and what the culture around you has dictated.   Since we are soon to return to the field, my mind is tuning in to Me-jee-ko, her culture and her ways.   Therefore, you see, I am just on time joining this Blog Fiesta!

BTW, you’re invited too!  You don’t have to belong to the Assembly of God Ring to be a part; just click here to read more about the party and to check out the prizes

I’m just wondering how we do a piñata at this kind of party?!?  Oh, and the mordita – can’t forget the mordita

Any thoughts/ideas????

8 thoughts on “Am I Late to the Blog Fiesta?

  1. Hi Ladies – thanks for ‘joining the party’!

    @Dorinda – Sharon would be willing to help you with your code, if you still need help. (I haven’t been on long enough to check your site yet)

    @Hellen – what flavor were you baptized in?

    @Beloved Mama – thanks! Yeah, I wish…they are fun

    @Pam – hee hee – I love the vida tranquila

  2. Hey all,
    Mordita, piñata, sounds like a fun party to me! Food, fun and more food, what could be better than that?

  3. Hmmm, I HAVE been ‘baptized in frosting’ but had forgotten what it was called en espanol!

    Have a blast at your blog fiesta!

  4. it’s time to party!

    well, i guess in the blog world the pinata could be the blog party icon thingy….

    i know – a little goofy, but????

    btw – everybody in the A/G blog ring are now officially my heroes. i shouldn’t tell this, but i have been trying for 2 weeks to get the code for the blog party to download correctly on my blog! it always comes up a white box with an x in it….

    so, i’ll just show up at everyone else’s party… boo hoo. 😦 ha!

    baptized in frosting…. sounds good to me!


  5. A mordita is the traditional cake-bite.
    The birthday person takes this first honorary bite out of the corner of the cake (which piece is then cut and served to him/her); naturally some loving friend/relative stands closely behind and gives a push to the back of the head as the bite takes place, ensuring that the face is baptized in frosting.
    Gotta love it.

  6. Thanks for joining the party! 🙂
    I wasn’t sure about “mordita”, I know VERY little spanish. What I read said ‘little bite’, is that correct? At some blog parties I’ve seen people put pictures of food on their party post. It’s a cute idea.
    If you have time, get out and mingle amongst the other party goers. (Click links to others who have signed the Mr.Linky) Take care.


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