Remember then hope

Remember today that God’s mercies go on and on.  They are in constant motion.  Available to the weak, the hurting, the strong, the overcomer, the humble, the proud, the one who suffers and wonders.  His mercies never stop.  Yesterday’s may be gone, but this morning new ones entered with the first light that shone through your window.

Remember, and have hope.

Remember today that God’s compassions always succeed.  They are not outdated or stuffy or fall like dead rose petals.  Yesterday’s were needed and carry over to today, but even so new ones became available with the breaking of the dawn.

Remember, and have hope.

Remember today that God’s faithfulness is huge.  It is nothing like anything or anybody here on earth.  It never changes, because He never changes.

Remember, and have hope.

I did, and I do.

I call this to mind, and therefore I have hope;  Your mercies, O LORD, never cease, for Your compassions never fail.  They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.”

Lamentations 3:21-23

2 thoughts on “Remember then hope

  1. Pam – my soul is in the process of being calmed, but certain triggers force me to wrestle with ‘issues’ again…

  2. Ilona,
    I’m sending a ling to this post to a friend who is going through transition (yeah a missionary)..I think it will cheer and encourage her…

    You mentioned remembering pain in an earlier post when you talked about transition and packing. Has your soul been calmed?


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