A Wagon Load of Prayers

This is from the Women’s Ministries- Unlimited site;  I liked it so I thought I would share it:

By Arlene Allen

Who ever heard of prayers being loaded in a wagon? It seems that a poor man who lived in the country had an accident and broke his leg, which meant he was laid up for a long time, unable to work.

His family was large and he had no money saved, so someone thought it would be a good idea to hold a prayer meeting at the church to pray for the family. The announcement was made, and the night came to hold the prayer meeting. One after another, each believer asked God to help the family, to send them food and care for their needs.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the church’s door. There stood a young farm boy who said, “My dad could not attend the prayer meeting tonight, so he sent his prayers in a wagon.” And there was the wagon, loaded with pumpkins, potatoes, meat, canned goods, apples, and many other produce of the farm.

No doubt the people in the prayer meeting felt ashamed of themselves for asking God to do for the poor man what they themselves should have done. The Lord I’m sure was satisfied with the farmer who sent his “prayers” in a wagon.

The truth is we often waste time asking God to do things which we ought to be doing ourselves. Someone has said that if it is not worthwhile to try to answer our own prayers, we should not bother God with them. Perhaps that farmer should have attended the prayer meeting, but if he was absent because he was busy loading his wagon for the poor man, we can feel sure the Lord excused his absence.

3 thoughts on “A Wagon Load of Prayers

  1. @ Peggy – hey, per your comment on my ‘about me’ page referring to your comment here on this post….tranquilo! I’m not easily offended and didn’t even think you said anything wrong. Besides, you have a right to your opinion, be it what it may. Todo bien.

    @CB – so true! I hope your friend takes your good advice. Your goal is a good one for all of us to have as our own.

  2. Sometimes it is if we ask God to send miracle answers to prayers that require our participation. Like asking God for a great job but never applying anywhere.

    I have a friend who is single who was always praying for a husband but didn’t want to leave the house…I told her she needed to get out and meet people if she wanted to get married. (I’m not talking about going to a bar or anything – our church actually had a single’s group).

    Right now, my prayer goal is to be more Kingdom focused instead of me focused.

  3. Send me a WAGON! Thank you for this great story on Prayer the day before 10 days of Prayer start leading to May 11th, Prayer Day and then 90 days til Pentecost!

    WOW! This is great and I’m so blessed by you!

    I understood your itching but you can come back any time and as many times as you like.

    But honestly, I am not into all the Mexican celebrations!
    I’m glad that you miss them enough to encourage and draw you back here! But celebrations here bring parties in the streets! And music into the wee hours!
    And reasons for alcoholism to soar its ugly head!BUT the worse for me are the usual fireworks that get my 5 dogs going and I’m miserable with no where to go! I love the church celebrations…at least they don’t have greeting cards like us for all of these(((LOL))) No, I love the happiness of the people and if that requires a party and festivities…so be it!

    God bless your preparations for your return!


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