That’s my recent excuse for MIBA (missing in blog action).  You would think after doing this fifteen times in less than 21 years of marriage, it would get easier.  Not. 

Even so, it’s said and done and we’re on our way!

boxes on porchHere was our life a week ago, temporarily reduced to boxes on the front porch.  The colored tape is my system for which stuff goes in to Mexico first.  The U-Haul trailer will be emptied into a storage unit on the border and only what fits into the SUV will go in, namely the boxes marked with green tape (means ‘go’).  The ones with yellow tape will ‘wait’ until dear hubby’s second trip to the border from Oaxaca (a scant 1600 miles round trip), and finally the boxes marked with red will ‘stop’ and hang out in Texas until October when we drive there for our annual missionary conference.  This red group includes Christmas decorations, sewing machine, craft/painting supplies, tools and a few other items we can survive without for a few more months.

Feb_March2008 067Wed night it was time to load the trailer.  Everything on the front porch was carried out to the lawn and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to calculate that the 5×8 trailer was too small!  

DH returned it and came back with a bigger trailer and voila! everything fit!


Feb_March2008 092


The guys hit the road Thursday morning while Katie and I stayed behind to finish cleaning the house before heading to Cleveland to spend a week with my family.  We fly out Friday morning, the 11th.  Finally, I’ll be back in Mexico after a ridiculously long time away. 

(Uh  Como se dice…..?)

5 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Praying for your U-hauls safe trip! A pleasant visit with your family for this week! And today a blessed trip back to Mexico! May the Lord surround you & the family with His Protection, Provision and Package passing on the border! God bless that long drive! Enjoy & be blessed!
    Oaxaca is waiting and I can’t wait to hear about all you are doing here in Mexico…further north but praying for those special people in Oaxaca. Vaya con Dios! Que Dios les bendiga a todos!

  2. So, it’s finally here! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers! Looking forward to good reports of God’s working through you!

  3. Hubby and sons passed through TX over the weekend and are halfway through MX to Oaxaca by now. My daughter and I fly Friday w layover in Houston.


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