Casa linda…


I do have a pantry off the one wall not shown.  I will still need to find creative shelfing/storage for things needed within reach, as well as more counter space.  (I’m too American.  It’ll take awhile for some of that to shed as I grow some Mexican mindset into this).

Gotta run…my time here at the internet cafe ya se acaba (is running out)!

6 thoughts on “Casa linda…

  1. I know my posts are way behind. I have had a busy summer and have not sat down to read all your blogs til now. But the house looks adorable, though i’m sure that as cute as it looks, it is still a big adjustment from being in Ohio.
    I’m sure that you will put your touch all thru it and it will feel like home in no time.
    Love and Blessings!

  2. @Dorinda- your Spanish is close…it would be ‘muy bonita. I’ve gotten your feeds in my inbox and once we get internet at the house, I’ll read all about your trip to Ecuador. I’m glad you had and took the opportunity to go. We know the Barbers- where in lang school together one trimester.

    @Hellen- I’m waiting too for internet in the house. But our pueblo is out of the city so we won’t get high speed. Back to dial up. (Listen to me…I got spoiled in the missions house in Ohio!!)

    @Pam – Thanks for praying. It has been stressful, but hey, like we’ve been through stress before and came out alive.
    I hope you get back to blogging. Not that I have much time sitting here at the internet cafe to read a whole lot, but I’m hoping we’ll get that dial up in the house in pocos dias.

  3. Ilona, i’ve been miba too for a while. I am glad you are in Oaxaca, hasn’t this been crazy? I just groaned when I saw the kitchen and read ‘no closets’ in the bedroom…ugh…

    I wish I could send our carpenter down…he is good, moderately priced.

    Praying for you guys that things come together easily, quickly, and without much pain or stress…

  4. muy linda! lotsa character inside and out! can’t wait til your computer is hooked up at home and we can get longer posts (and emails! )

  5. It is beautiful! – Muchos bonita! ?? Is that right? I went to Ecuador only knowing “si” and “por favor”…. hmmmmm…

    Any way ~ can’t wait to see your “Extreme Casa Makeover” ~ although it doesn’t look like it needs anything extreme.

    Love it! btw – I know 2 guys and a girl who learned how to put down ceramic tile in Ecuador if you ever need a new floor. ha!

    praying for you guys!


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