What’s red, long stemmed and rhymes with noses?

Ya’ll are too smart for me.


Driving home from church yesterday, we passed a street vendor selling flowers and unique floral arrangements.  I handed 50 pesos (5 US dollars) to my son and told him to hop out and pick something nice for the house.  That prompted a protest from my hubby, “No way.  If anyone is going to buy you flowers, it’s going to be me“.  (So I’m thinking my discreet manipulation worked, eh?). 

smellin the roses_wr But instead of stopping to buy from that vendor, he knew of another one a few blocks away.  (Impressive- he’s been checking out floral hotspots).  We arrive, he jumps out, we wait, and he finally returns a few moments later.  A dozen long stem red roses are in his arms and he opens my door, gives me a kiss, and hands them to me. 


Then he gives me 10 pesos change. Forty pesos!  That is how much the roses cost!  I can get used to this.  Viva Mexico.

With prices that good, I better invest in a vase.  They do, however, still look lovely in the plastic juice pitcher I temporarily put them in.

3 thoughts on “What’s red, long stemmed and rhymes with noses?

  1. @Kristy – I am enjoying them. Thanks for praying.
    @CB – tsk tsk, tell your DH to forego two Starbucks next week and buy you at least one or two long stem roses!!! 😉 As for your minister friend from Nigeria, I’ll write you an e-mail.

  2. Maybe that’s why I hardly ever get flowers…they are just too expensive here.

    We are planning on hosting a minister from Nigeria in our home…any suggestions on how we can really bless him and make his stay special?? (I thought maybe you had spent time in host homes so you might have some suggestions).


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