Not a pretty sight

There are some things one looks forward to getting; other things don’t stir such excitement.  Like photos taken after a house was robbed.

From a friends cell phone to a CD to my computer…and now to my blog, here are a few photos of the heist that took place a few weeks ago:

This is one of several taken of the master bedroom. The jewelry box on top of the dresser emptied; my clothes strewn all over the floor.  They found my irreplaceable treasures that were hidden among my personals, including the white gold wedding band and engagement ring passed down from my mother, inlaid with diamonds and a ruby.  My husband added the ruby, my birthstone,  on our 15th anniversary to fill the gap where the center diamond had once sat.

Our boys’ room.  The valuable from here was our third sons electric guitar. He just began playing six months ago. He’s pretty bummed.

Our daughters room.  What would they find of value in an 8 yr. old girls room?  Not much, which is why they didn’t tear it apart like the others.  However, they emptied her jewelry box too.  Little earrings from Claires, perhaps a nail polish or two she kept in there.  But what really broke her heart was finding the necklace her Missionette leader gave her before we left Ohio missing.  It will not net anything for the thieves.  They probably just tossed it.  And left an 8 yr. old in tears.

And that made this mom mad!  It’s one thing when we hurt, it’s a whole new ball game when it’s our younger kids who have been hurt.  I am mom, hear me roar.  (All the mom’s out there said amen!)

Point of entry.  Although not a fan of Rottweilers nor Pit Bulls, the thought of having had one present, waiting hungrily to face the intruder(s) is a macabre one I’ve entertained.  As it is, our Cocker Spaniel and her pups did nothing, except perhaps barter tummy rubs for a guided tour of our home.

3 thoughts on “Not a pretty sight

  1. hmmm, not a pretty sight at all! as jamie says, i pray that the LORD is bringing you His peace…and His strength..through this.

  2. Oh NO! I am so sorry to hear of this. I would be angry too. This momma bear roars when people mess with with my kids!

    Yeah, I’d be looking into an outdoor guard dog. It might not stop them, but it would slow ’em down. That’s the point, slowing people down. If they want to break in, they’ll break in. Just do your best to slow them down.

    From what it sounds, you weren’t home, and no one was hurt. Praise the Lord.

    Praying for you and your family!
    A Hoosier Family-
    Assembly of God Blogs-

  3. wow Ilona…i am really sorry. i pray that God gives you and your family some kind of peace thru all of this. it is heartbreaking to think that these things can happen. i will keep you all in my prayers. we love you…..


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