You don’t get paid?

j0403236 When we were back in the states last month, I had two different people ask me that question as we were talking about the ministry we do.  They know we are fully appointed missionaries, meaning that we are wholly supported by churches and individuals through our sending agency, and therefore draw a salary from part of that support.

However, the question was asked in the context of our working and teaching at educational institutions.  (One is a bible institute and the other is the national missions training center).

My surprise at their question mirrored their surprise at my answer.

They had assumed that since we are working in an educational environment, there was some remuneration from the institutions themselves- after all, college professors in the US are paid, aren’t they?

I had assumed they knew that missionaries, once on the field, depend one hundred percent on the support they are promised; no income from any source within the host country is received, regardless of the ministry or work.

How about you?  What do you assume (or simply not know) about missionaries and their support/pay?

If you are a missionary, have you experienced similar conversations?  Have you assumed ‘everyone out there’ knows these things?

Your feedback would be interesting.

4 thoughts on “You don’t get paid?

  1. Hey there,
    Yes I have had the same thing. A friend in Australia thought that we got a house & car and everything! I don’t know how!!! It was interesting when I started explaining, like you that we are 100% financially supported.


    1. Hi Rebecca (or should I call you Bec)?
      Each sending agency has their own way of handling the funds/accounting for their missionaries as far as the details go, but most missionaries only have one source of income: faithful supporters.

  2. Dorinda, they are not new to the A/G, but since we have begun a new ministry assignment this year (from taking the gospel to unbelievers in the north to discipleship and training beleivers in the south) I think they assumed that now the institution, rather than the host country, gives us something.

    Having just finished itineration, we realize that even some pastors are not familiar with the way everything works.

    That’s one reason I decided to write this post- to get some of these ‘assumptions’ out of the way.

    If you do evaluate your people, let me know…it’d be interesting. 🙂

  3. Hey Ilona!
    Their question surprises me also.

    My question is – are these good people long time A/Gers or new to our denomination- or of a different denomination?

    If they are A/G that tells me we need to beef up our mission’s awareness – and needs.

    To me that would reflect on someone’s level of giving if they feel the host country would be compensating the missionary….???

    Makes me want to evaluate our church people to see what they think……



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