How to be a friend of God

That contemporary Christian song popped into my mind that repeats, “I am a friend of God..He calls me friend”.  Do you know it? It’s one of those feel-good songs with a catchy tune.  

It came about as a domino effect in my mind. You know, the women are like spaghetti teaching that says all our thoughts somehow weave and connect to others. 

Well, we received a thank you note from evangelist friends who are currently working with ex-inmates. In the note, the wife shared how they are fulfilled as they teach about the fear of the Lord.

These guys and gals are really hungry to learn how to stay out of prison, 24/7. Walking in the fear of the Lord is the answer! They write a 250 word paper each week on how the fear of the Lord ties in to whatever problems they are experiencing- finances, sex, marriage, envy, tongue control and so on.”

Reading that renewed an interest in me to look into the fear of the Lord, something to which I recently haven’t given much attention.  There are many verses that mention the fear of the Lord, but the one that particularly caught my attention was this one:

Friendship with the Lord is reserved for those who fear Him.” Psalm 25:14

This verse flew at me and grabbed hold of me with talons of truth, which then in turn slowly caused a series of questions and thoughts to bleed from my heart and mind.


God reserves his friendships. Although He’s willing to save all who call on Him and we in turn become His child, there is a requirement to being His friend.


Enter the tune in my mind.  “I am a friend of God….He calls me friend”.  Enter the scripture again, “Friendship with the Lord is reserved for those who fear him.”


Fear Him. What? How?  Then I remembered a teaching on this years ago:  “To fear the Lord, simply put, means to hate what God hates and to love what God loves.”


God loves purity, integrity, honesty.  He loves a broken and contrite heart.  He loves meekness, faith, and justice. He loves those who seek Him.


God hates murder, lying, and arrogant men.  He hates divorce and sexual perversion.  He hates lukewarm faith and those who spread strife among brothers.  He hates injustice, perverse lips, and those who worship idols.


Then this thought came: do we fear Him in our churches as we sing that song?  Or do we sing it between weeks spent watching fornication and immorality on TV as we excuse the ‘bad parts’ for the sake of good acting or humor (i.e. House, The Office, to name a couple), or perhaps we just had to see the latest Oscar-quality movie, even though it’s replete with sex scenes and other sins (i.e. Curious Case of Benjamin Button)?


Did we sing that song with tingles in our spine two days before we voted a man into office who embraces abomination (homosexuality) and pays for murder (abortion) – two things that God clearly hates?  Did we become a friend of God by hoping to save the earth and boost the economy?


Do we sing it on the way home from a women’s Bible study where we just had a grand ole religious time taking prayer requests saturated in gossip that will soon cause strife among others?


Is it sung from lips of those whose eyes are secretly addicted to pornography?


Is it sung by those in ministry who use the platform to increase their name?


Is it sung by those who rob God and say they can’t afford to pay tithes and give offerings while their little plastic idols keep growing their debt as material ‘stuff’ is added to their family altar?


Do we sing it while pushing life to full throttle, too busy to spend quality time in prayer and in seeking Him?


Do we fear Him or do we just want to add Him to our Facebook list of friends?


God sets aside a place for us to be his friend, when we fear Him.  God help us to be Your friend.  Teach us to love what you love and hate what you hate! Transform us Lord as we renew our mind to fear you, to respect you with a Holy awe.

Teach us to be like those ex-inmates, who have learned the secret to true friendship: walking in the fear of the Lord.  Amen!


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