Bonnie and Clyde strike again

Meet Bonnie and Clyde, our six month old puppies.  They’re at it daily. 

Bonnie and Clyde welcome us home

Fully living up to their name, they have been running across the neighborhood stealing, wreaking havoc and killing.  Funniest thing is, we don’t have much of a neighborhood.  Just a few houses along a dirt road with lots of brush and untamed countryside.

Yeah, sure they look cute in the photo. Don’t let ’em fool you.  That’s their sweet “who us?” look.  What’s a family to do?

First it was someone’s sombrero.  Then a huarache.  This was followed by other contraband like shirts, pants, and work gloves.  You name it, they’ve drug it home.  One day it was a mans bathing suit.  Yikes!  There is a dam half a mile down from us and we’re hoping they didn’t leave someone shivering out there.

One day an old wrinkled man came by asking if anyone had seen his sombrero.  Another day, our neighbor let us know she went looking for one of her lost chicks when she saw Clyde by our fence looking happy as he had chick fuzz stuck to his snout.  So now their antics are deadly…at least to the neighbors chicks.  Yesterday he was caught red-pawed:  another baby chick in his mouth.  His disobedience shocked me when he refused to drop the chick when ordered to do so and instead ran off to finish his impromptu meal.

We thought we’ve closed up all the holes in our fence, but these two are good at their game. They’re also good at guarding the house.  Bonnie (left in photo) barks defensively because its in her genes, but fearless Clyde (with white chest) goes on the offensive with anyone who happens near our gate. 

That’s exactly why we put up with this puppy trouble.  After our robbery in October, these two bring a measure of security.  We just wonder how long to expect to put up with this phase of puppyhood?

4 thoughts on “Bonnie and Clyde strike again

  1. Dorinda- that’s hilarious! Somehow your story seems funnier to me… 8-o
    Hellen – I checked out Timmy’s blog briefly. Cute! I can’t say though I’ll be a regular follower since I’m hard pressed to keep up with my friends’ blogs!
    Jamie – the neighbor who owns the chicks insists it’s her chicks who sneak into our yard. Oh well! We’re offering to replace her the two meals, er, chicks that Clyde ate, but she refuses to accept.

  2. that is such a funny story..and i like the story from you friend too…this is why i don’t have a dog. i can barely keep up with my 3 beautiful children…let alone a cute little puppy 🙂 good luck Ilona…I hope your neighbors are understanding and hopefully they will out grow it??? lol

  3. How funny!
    We had a dog one time named Montana- the cleptomaniac!

    We lived in a parsonage next to the church. Our neighbors started complaining, but we couldn’t find his “stash”.

    Finally we decided to spy on the puppy. We stayed home one day and hid out behind the dining room curtains. And sure enough, around 10 am he sets out across the street, hops up on the neighbor’s porch, noses through some stuff, then starts back home. He had a child’s yellow rain coat in his mouth!

    He drug it across the street and headed to our driveway. Just as he got there he ducked into the drain under neath the driveway.

    Long story short. – We found boots, an umbrella, coats, toys, and even some type of tool!

    So, good luck! Not sure that will help though!
    pequeno ladron?



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