Missionary Dating

We’re missionaries and we go on dates.  Gotta keep the romance alive! 

We went to an Argentine restaurant here in Oaxaca.  I had a delicious arrachera steak for about $9, while hubby opted for grilled fish…since he knew he’d be finishing my steak!

Then we had some fun with the camera:

me gusta! web ready  smooooch_web ready

It’s important for every couple to set aside time for each other.  Many times missionaries don’t do this; sometimes due to ministry overload, other times due to finances, and even at times for difficulty in finding trustworthy child care (boy do I have stories of that!) 

We’ve learned (now that we’re older and a bit wiser) that it is essential to make time and save up for such occasions.  After all, if the marriage ends up failing, what good has the ministry done?  All is lost.

As Christ’s ambassadors, we must first represent in our own marriage the relationship between Christ and his bride, the church.

And woo-hoo! what fun that can be!

3 thoughts on “Missionary Dating

  1. Dorinda – I’ll have to post some babysitting stories. They make me laugh – now! At the time I didn’t find them funny.

    Linda – That’s hard core missionary dating! LOL. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need to get out and away from the house. But you’re right, when there is no other option, you do what it takes to just isolate that time needed to spend with each other.

  2. We’ve been places where we just couldn’t get child care so to answer Dorinda’s question: Put the kids to bed early and have a date at home. Fix a romantic dinner, have a picnic on the living room floor, watch a movie, have a picnic in the back yard. Get creative.

  3. You go girl! the same goes for pastors!
    What do you do for adequate child care when you don’t know anyone????

    Hope you had a great time on your romantic date! looks like you did! 🙂


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