Dave Wilkerson’s Urgent Message

He said shortly after 9/11 that something bigger will come.  Saturday he posted an urgent message.  I try not to be flighty nor fearful, nor run with the latest sensational news, but this man has a record of being right in his prophetic messages.

Read his blog – and decide for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Dave Wilkerson’s Urgent Message

  1. Dorinda,
    We do! Actually we built a huge building up north in Chihuahua five years ago and my husband at that time said, “I think this will be used one day as a shelter for people fleeing the states”. Most blew those comments off; knowing my hubby I ‘pondered those things in my heart’ sensing that there was a deep truth to it.

    Honestly, I read that report and think of what will happen to our son in the states w/o us (in college); of what will happen to our support; of how we will fend for ourselves as it’s not legal for us to work here for pay.

    Lot of things go through the mind, and the final answer is always trusting in the Lord and looking up for our redemption draws nigh!


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