Mmm, fresh smogged meat (Friday photo from the field)



I was on my way from one side of town to the other, when this motorcycle snuck in front of me. With a glimpse and a gasp, I reached for the camera and took this shot while driving.  (And if you’ve ever battled traffic in Mexico, you’d either call me brave, crazy, or a good driver!)

In case you can’t make it out, that is a dirty plastic tub filled with raw meat strapped to the bike behind two men- one the butcher with the rubber boots, and the other the driver. 

Maybe I shouldn’t be so squeamish, but I was grossed out and thought of following them to find out where he was selling the meat- only to make sure I never shop there. The butchered carcass was not covered, nor refrigerated on that hot day, and if you’ll note the butcher’s hair is uncovered.  Yeah, you get the picture.

The roasted grasshoppers suddenly don’t sound so bad.


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