Tay-HA-tay Festival

(This post was written by my daughter, who turns 9 this weekend, and published on her missionary kid blog.

I’m adding it to my blog not only in honor of her birthday, but because I’ve been without quality Internet and haven’t been able to blog for awhile!

So enjoy!)

tejate festival_2009_wrtejate festival2_2009_wr

Hi.  This is the only Tejate Festival in the world.  It is in our village, called San Andres Huayapam. Tejate is pronounced (tay-ha-tay).  Tejate is a drink that has all kinds of stuffed mixed in. It has ground corn, cocoa, the flower from the cocoa tree, and the seed from the mamey fruit ground into in.  Mamey’s look kinda of like potatoes.  You can see some pictures here of the cocoa flower and the mamey fruit. (Mamey is pronounced mah-may).

Tejate Festival Cocoa Flowers for Tejate_2009_wr Tejate Festival Mamey fruit_2009_wr

The ladies stick their hands into it to mix it.  They add water and they keep beating it with their fist. That’s how they get the white foamy stuff on top.

Tejate Festival_hand mixing_2009_wr Tejate up close_Festival 2009_wr

They tell us the Zapotec Indians used to make it like a thousand years ago and the ladies in our village still make it the same way.

Guelaguetza in Huayapam 046 So how do you think it tastes?  I didn’t like it when I tried it last year.  (that’s me in the picture from then). Now when I drink it somehow it doesn’t seem so bad anymore.  I guess I’m getting used to it!

Anyway thousands of thousands of people come every year.  I think about four thousand or more people were there this year.  Isn’t that amazing! I can’t believe it.  We went to the festival and drank tejate but also you can buy ice cream, some real mexican food, mexican drinks, and more stuff at the festival.

What do you think is the best title for this story?

1. The Tejate Festival

2. Thousands of People

3.The Only Tejate Fiesta in the World

4. What you can get in Mexico

Please, after you pick one, leave a comment.  Thanks! Bye!

2 thoughts on “Tay-HA-tay Festival

  1. Nice article!! Makes me want to go there and be one of the 4 thousand to visit. In fact, I think I will!
    As for titles, I’m leaning towards number 3: The Only Tejate Fiesta in the World

    I think your daughter should take over your blog for you. Her point of view is fresh, uncontaminated, and quite frankly…very interesting. You have taught her well…you should be proud. But now..it’s time to let go, and let your daughter teach you!


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