Where’s my duster?

j0387608 I sit down at my computer, enter my blog and find dust on its links and cobwebs in its corners.  I’m looking around for my duster, but then wonder, is it my blog that needs dusting or my brain?  Or, perhaps, my daytimer?

But why ask questions? Just take a deep breath, and blog, girl, blog!

Ah, it feels good for my fingers to tap dance around the keyboard as my heart and mind give the rhythm.  They want to express so much!  Such as…..

  • Last nights graduation of my second son.
  • The trip I took recently with other missionaries and pastors to study  indigenous tribes of Mexico.
  • The Mexican stand-off we unwittingly became involved in while driving
  • The teachers strikes that cripple this city
  • The yoked oxen that saunter by our gate and the herd of goats that came to ‘mow’ our lawn
  • Our 24 hour whirlwind trip to Mexico City and back for the completion of our resident visas
  • The swine flu
  • Saying goodbye to our son as he too leaves our nest
  • The $350 dollar charge a local business covertly charged to our credit account

But those will need to wait.  For today, it’s been good to simply visit and allow fresh air in to the site.

And waddya know?  I didn’t even need the duster.

2 thoughts on “Where’s my duster?

  1. i like this (:
    and wow, sounds like things are pretty buisy over there for you all.
    Has that swine flu settled down yet , or still going strong ?It’s been Labeled Pandemic here,as of last night.
    That credit card charge from that local buisness sounds messed up ! People are so ignorant,and careless of others these days ;(
    Well, love you !!
    p.s- we pray for all of you every night !

    1. Thanks for praying for us! The swine flu is said to be resurging here, too. But most Mexicans think it’s a conspiracy by the Americans to cripple the Mexican economy. (I’m totally serious).

      As for the credit card thing, we were able to work it out with the bank. It helps to have a good relationship AND good credit with them; they took the charge off our bill. I have to say it also helps to have a good relationship with Christ and be faithful in our tithes and offerings. He works miracles in response to that!

      Hugs to your family! (and tell your mom I’m waiting for her blog, too. Even if it’s in Hungarian. That’ll be good pratice for me to read, since some of the writers I have here like Laszlo Gyula and Gardonyi Geza are a bit heavy for me and make my eyes cross when I try to read their writings!) – Aunt Ilona


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