Back to life…

I’ve lived without a computer and my planner for about a month now – and survived.  Sometimes we who depend on technology like that don’t think it might be possible, but it is.  

It was a quiet month, yet a busy one.  It was a what should I do now? time to how to get this all done? time.  Living oxymoronically was a learning experience.  

I had to learn how to write creatively with a pen and a notebook.  Sounds barbaric, doesn’t it? 

I went without checking my Facebook daily. Sounds like a relationship inhibitor, eh?

I wasn’t able to respond to e-mail right away or have  occasional blog therapy. 

I was, however, able to have longer devotions, read more books, and reflect more on spiritual things.

Never would I say that I was thankful for the robbery that took my things – a part of me and my life to be exact, but I do say sincerely and truthfully that God is causing all this to work for the good.  James chapter 1 says we’ll have trouble in this life.  Yeah, no kidding! He also says to be joyful during those times (that’s a bit harder) and if you can’t understand what’s happening, pray for wisdom and God will grant it. 

I’ve prayed, and honestly the reasons have not been revealed, but the wisdom He’s granted me is knowing Him deeper, sensing His presence sweeter, and trusting Him fuller.

Now that the insurance claim check came, I’m writing this blog on a new computer, I went to Staples last night and bought another planner, and my first thought was that I am ‘back to life’.  But that’s not correct.  I’ve never left my life; I was simply on a detour.  And through those things I’ve learned certain things, most importantly that God is as much in the detour as He is anywhere else.

3 thoughts on “Back to life…

  1. Amen !
    Everytime i hear the things you say.. touch me. You are so talented and positively influencing Aunt Ilona. Whenever i think we’ve been through alot and start complaining i read your blogs and realise how much more you and your family has been through,and yet you’re able to stay in a sense “happy” and you are always so FULLY faithful to God nomatter what ! It’s great . you’re such an inspiration ! 🙂

  2. Hello from Missouri! I found your blog on ringsurf and read something about you planning (or wanting to plan) a trip to Mo. And I wondered if you were from Missouri. I’m interested in learning about how you spend an average day (if there is such a thing) The idea of working as a missionary sounds like it would be a very challenging/rewarding endeavor…I’ll scan your blogs for more info or perhaps you could recommend an entry…Your friend Jeff Brown from the Alton Missouri Assembly Of God

    1. Jeff, No we are not from Missouri, but find ourselves there from time to time since headquarters is located in Springfield. Your interest is a good one – it gives me fodder for a future post on what my typical day looks like. Then again, ‘typical day’ on the mission field usually is an oxymoron. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Be blessed in your ministry at Alton A/G.

      Ilona Hadinger


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