Friday Field Photo – Going Home…

Take a glimpse of what we see when we leave the Institute in Oaxaca City, and drive back to our home in Huayapam (this is one of the routes we take). You’ll see the progression: the city in the valley (yet still considered a mountain highland), the foothills as we take the road up; a home along the way; one of the main roads in our pueblo before we turn onto our foliage lined dirt road; and our son opening our gate. The last photos are from the day we picked mísperos (some say nísperos) in our front yard. (These are small apricot-like fruits that grow on medlar trees).

Living in this Zapotec pueblo has it’s pros and cons – with the scenery and general tranquility definitely being a ‘pro’. The ‘con’ is living a bit further away from conveniences and friends, along with other trivial matters such as having been ‘welcomed’ to town via the robbery a year ago.

We pray regularly for this pueblo and for the Zapotec people, that the truth of the Gospel will shine here. We invite you to join us in those prayers.

P.S. I uploaded this post via e-mail and now can’t figure out how to make the photos larger. I see your nose was almost rubbing the screen trying to see better.  😉


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