Been awhile…

Wow – I have been MIA on here. My note pad and my brain are filled with tidbits regarding people we’ve seen, places we’ve been to, and other interesting things to share. However, in this post I decided to share a priority: prayer requests.

You know we missionaries always ask for prayer. But not because we’re trite, or because it comes with the job description. It’s because missionaries CAN NOT SURVIVE WITHOUT PRAYER. And did you know we feel the prayers – or lack thereof – of our senders back home?

Honest. Ask anyone of us.

Years ago, R.A.Torrey said this:

The neglect of prayer on the part of the people back home has much to do with the comparative failure of many of the missionaries on the field. Every Christian at home should have some definite missionaries in the field for whom he is praying definitely, constantly, persistently, and intensely. The man or woman at home who prays, often has as much to do with the effectiveness of the missionary on the field, and consequently with the results of his labors, as the missionary himself.

Would you commit to praying for us? Here are our most recent requests, taken from our ministry site:


  • Our son Joseph, scheduled for surgery on Jan. 22. He is a freshman at Evangel University and plans are to undergo surgery to reconstruct a torn ACL and miniscus in his left knee. We are praying for a miracle: either a supernatural healing to take place, or miraculous provision so one of us can be there with him during surgery and some of his recovery time.
  • Our new MAPS worker Jessica Lyndsay – for the Lord to  work in and through her during her five month stay here in Oaxaca.
  • Our IBAO students who will graduate in March – for placement in God-ordained ministry positions.
  • Wisdom in planning upcoming missions trips to San Mateo del Mar, a Huave indigenous village on the Pacific coast.
  • Our Mexico missionary colleagues working in or preparing to work in Indigenous  villages – for safety and open doors for the Gospel.
  • Our son Jonathan who will be graduating high school this year – for guidance regarding college choices and future study.
  • Our family – to be daily filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Our finances – economic conditions trickle down to the missionary; we trust the Lord to provide as we pray His blessing on our supporting churches with finances and faithfulness.

3 thoughts on “Been awhile…

  1. Ilona,
    Powerful quote from R.A. Torrey there! How few people realize that this is indeed true! And that they have such a huge role in missions!

    Lord, I claim your promises at this very moment for the Hadingers! For your faithfulness and provision not only financially but emotionally and spiritually! For open doors and breaking strongholds. For wisdom when we ask! For healing greater than that in Acts! For doing all to your glory! I pray all in the precious name of our LORD Jesus Christ!

  2. Ilona,
    What a wonderful opportunity for Mike to talk with the husbands of these women. I will be very interested to know how that turns out…..make sure and keep us all posted if this takes place and how the men respond to his teaching.
    Love you All

    1. Christine – it would be a wonderful opp, except for the men themselves have not asked for it! And these women were not there with their husbands. The best I can do at this point is to continue to share the truth of the Word with the women themselves, as I see them. If God opens a door for some type of regular study with the ladies, then I’ll do that. But it would have to be a miracle because I’m struggling to keep up with my other priorities, responsibilities, and ministries as it is.


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