Personal Heroes


Karl and Ilona Stadler

Last summer I wrote a post called “My Mom’s Story – A First Draft” , a free-writing exercise that hints at her childhood in Communist-oppressed Hungary. As a post script, I mentioned two of my personal heroes: my grandparents. One I never knew; the other I loved dearly.


Thanks to my cousin Karl who posted a scanned photo on FB, I can now proudly show the world these heroes. My grandfather was likely in his early 30’s in the photo; my grandmother probably in her 40’s or 50’s.

I’m prompted once again to make time to sit and write more of their story. A daunting task, at best.

(I need to buy time, since I keep running low on it! Any ideas?)

2 thoughts on “Personal Heroes

  1. I love the photo! And I hope that you do find a way to make time to write because it is a great thing to share our stories. I recently wrote a blog on foods and the memories that they evoke…and was thinking last night that I should do a series of posts around stories related to specific foods. Hmmmmmmmm…

    But in the meantime, I await your tales…

    1. I have seen on FB the links to your posts…and last night I thought to myself “I have GOT to find time to read Hellen’s blog.” They look interesting and inviting! (and mouth watering!!) And I’m still saying that as I prepare to log off and get 30 min of exercise in before heading out the door for another full day. I’ll write my tales after I catch up on reading, since other people’s writing motivates my inspiration for the same. Hugs to you!


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