Feet Pies?

Ever experience reverse cross-culture confusion? I did yesterday, standing in line at the grocery store.

Back in the U.S. for a short while, Mike and I went to pick up a few things we needed. As we waited our turn in the checkout aisle, my eyes skimmed the magazines, from People to The National Enquirer to Women’s World. Since none of that (gossip) interested me, my eyes went to the top shelf where the small booklets are found, usually of recipes or medical helps or puzzles.

Then suddenly my brain crossed wires and my head cocked to one side. What? I thought to myself as my eyes stopped on one particular booklet. In large letters I read “FEET”, but the picture was that of a deliciously mouth-watering french silk chocolate pie stacked with whipped cream and graced with chocolate curls.

I stared at that for about fifteen-seconds trying to make the connection when suddenly both the truth of the matter and the “DUH!” self-remark hit me. I had read the English caption in Spanish: “PIES”.

I’m better now, thanks.

8 thoughts on “Feet Pies?

  1. Hi Inky 🙂 Returning the visit here. Thanks for the comment on my blog. You are welcome any time at ‘the @’.

    I can relate to the FEET / PIES mix up. Ha! Too funny!

    Reverse culture shock is a tricky thing. When I was in the States a couple weeks ago I went into a gas station with my sister and mother. First of all, it was huge! Like a mini super market. So we each took off in our own directions. A few minutes later my mom and sister found me wigging out in front of a wall plastered with 21 coffee machines of all sorts. How do I know there were 21? I counted. From frappuccino machines, to latte dispensers to all the popular flavored brews ready to be squirted into any size cup you like. I gawked speechless and stunned unable to peel my eyes away from the monstrosity. Yes, reverse culture shock is very real. Good thing I had a couple people there to rescue me and laugh with (at) me … otherwise I might have cried. Seriously. Thank God for tough love to pull us away from those, er, situations. :-.)

    1. Angie, thanks for commenting. What a hilarious story! When we were itinerating, my kids LOVED when we’d stop in those. It’s the missionary version of entering the heart of the Wonka factory! ha!

      BTW – I love your site. I’ll be back there…

  2. And that’s when you know you’ve “really” learned the language! 🙂 I hope you’re thoroughly enjoying your time with family.


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