A Few Choice Words for Hubby

My guapo turns 50 today.

And since one of his love languages is words of affirmation, here are fifty (go ahead, count them!) adjectives to describe what I think of him:

Able, affectionate, amazing, astute, attentive, benevolent, bona-fide, caring, clever, compassionate, decent, discerning, doting, encouraging, estimable, friendly, funny, gifted, Godly, good-natured, handsome, helpful, honorable, intelligent, introspective, judicious, kind, laudable, meritorious, neat, neighborly, observant, passionate, perceptive, perspicacious, philosophical, sagacious, selfless, sensational, sensitive, sharp, striking, sublime, sympathetic, terrific, thoughtful, understanding, upright, wise, and wonderful!

Happy Birthday, Amor!

6 thoughts on “A Few Choice Words for Hubby

  1. That was so Nice!!!! Did you think of those all by yourself or did you need to use some additional resources? (-:

    1. Ha! If you really think I’m THAT smart, I’ll buy a plane ticket and fly up there just to hug you. I needed serious help from a dictionary/thesaurus. But it doesn’t take away from the truth. 😉


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