Today: Prayer for the Persecuted

I invite you to pray for persecuted Christians around the world today.

I’m praying for the few I know, including several of our Chatino pastors who walk three hours in the mountains to another village to share the hope of life in Christ, even though they’ve been warned that their lives are at risk if they do so.

Ixtlán, Oaxaca

I’m praying for indigenous pastors and churches throughout southern Mexico whose churches have been burned down and whose families have been threatened with lynching or crucifixion. 

I also pray for a lady I know –and others like her from the Old Colony German community in northern Mexico– who as a teen was beaten, then locked out of her house with nowhere to go because she was drawn to the message of hope in Jesus Christ. (Her story told on post One of the Persecuted).

I’m praying because that is what the persecuted hope for.

I’m praying because I am part of the body of Christ, like them.

I’m praying because God is not deaf.


5 thoughts on “Today: Prayer for the Persecuted

  1. “I’m praying because God is not deaf”…..

    Oh, to remember we serve a God who is not deaf!! He hears our very inner groaning, too deep for even us to hear ourselves. This was beautifully shared. Thank you.


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