As Jesus, So We

“As Jesus finished His mission for dying for the sins of the world, so the Church is commissioned to finish its mission of making disciples of all nations.

As Jesus moved in the power of the Holy Spirit, so the disciples are to move in the power of the same Holy Spirit.

As Jesus represented His Father’s will with acts of compassion and attention to the oppressed, so must the Church be characterized by such acts.

As Jesus prepared the Church for worldwide witness through eschatological statements, so the Church must use these prophetic discourses to mobilize itself to fulfill Christ’s witness throughout the earth.

As Jesus bypassed the power structures of His day by calling and empowering simple fishermen to be apostles, so the Church must retain a simple trust in God’s power among ordinary men to accomplish everything that God has willed.”

– Dr. John York, Missions in the Age of the Spirit



4 thoughts on “As Jesus, So We

  1. I don’t know John York’s work, but I like his spirit. At The High Calling we believe strongly in doing our part to work alongside God so that we are part of building his kingdom wherever we work each day.


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