Still Have a Dream?

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, today’s Monday Missions Motivator was inspired by this quote by him:

Now, I say to you today my friends, even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream…

When the excitement fades of the culture you’ve crossed, when you walk in a fog and your hopes seem lost,

Do you still have a dream?

When the passion has waned, and the joy turns to pain, when the stress overbears and does anyone care?

Do you still have a dream?

When the road to the future seems uncertain and dim, when you look ahead and can’t clearly see Him,

Do you still have a dream?

When trials, tribulations, and offenses come, when your bravery and boldness becomes undone,

Do you still have a dream?

Then consider His goodness, mercy, and love, then see Him descending in form of a dove,

And remember your dream.

Then wait in His presence seeking His face, the reward in His hands are strength and grace,

To remember your dream.

Then call on your friends, sisters, and brothers, then see mystical workings of “one-anothers”,

To remember your dream.

Then rejoice in His name, above all, powerful true, then weep or shout for God has revived you,

To still have a dream.

© 2012 I.K. Hadinger

11 thoughts on “Still Have a Dream?

  1. Great word. Beautiful balance of encouragement and challenge at the same time. I love your writing. There are none that are striving to follow God’s call that don’t become weary, but pondering our God-given dream does bring a new joy—and with joy, strength. After all, the joy of the Lord…..

  2. Well Ilona…you did it again with your post…hit my heart right where it was hurting today. I think Mondays can often be a tough time for people who are ministry…and often are still ministering on Sundays. Maybe that’s why most pastors have Monday as their day off. I have been ministering to the kids this week every day. Yesterday, Sunday, we initiated our first children’s service and had almost 100 children in attendance. Well, once again, my “I had a dream in 2000 of having a Children’s Church” and now it is a reality. And quess what?…this morning I was crying to the Lord, “What am I doing?…” I think the words, “Don’t grow weary of doing good” really applied to me this morning. Being weary can be a tool used by the enemy to have us question our dreams. But I have a dream…and I don’t want to wake up until the end…when Jesus comes. Thank you dear friend for your insightfulness, and your gift for writing. Love and hugs to you.

    1. Weariness does put us in a tough place with our emotions and feelings. May you find rest and renewed strength in these next few days. I praise God with you for the dream of Children’s Church brought to a reality. And yes, keep dreaming! You and John are heroes of the faith.


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