Judging my life. Is this quote true?


The Great Commission is the standard by which our stewardship will be judged.

David Kent Irwin

Is this true? If not, I’m off the hook.

If so, I should take inventory of my life (my time, money, talents, etc.)

What do you think: Is this Biblical or not?

2 thoughts on “Judging my life. Is this quote true?

  1. In His earthly ministry Jesus taught on the Kingdom of God and says he came to seek and save the lost. Equally, He lived out the Great Commandment in compassion and care. He taught on loving sacrificially, meeting needs, loving people into the Kingdom. He called us to follow him in a radical way of living. Making disciples must include teaching ALL that Jesus taught. So if Great Commission is expansive enough to include all that, perhaps this is true. But it is usually applied in a narrower way. I am very much into the Great Commission, partnered with the Great Commandment.

  2. For me, living out the beattitudes is a measure of stewarding the love of Christ put in me, even more than the “great commission”. Out of beattitudes, i see God in people and love them into transformation. I live out his righteousness in me through the peace/peacemaking i release in relationships and circumstances. I live out the humility of Jesus in exhibiting meekness. etc. etc. In living out the beattitudes, i cannot help but live out the commission. It’s in living the beattitudes that automattically encompasses the great commission.


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