Ask Frank (Peretti) Blog Tour

Today I have the privilege of kicking off a nine-day Ask Frank Blog Tour and you have the chance to win his newest release Illusion. (Details below.)

What I asked and what Frank answered:

ih: What is the main idea you want people to take home after they read Illusion

FP: I guess you’re asking me, what is the story’s central theme? I would call this story a celebration, a depiction of love, marriage, honor, and commitment such as God purposed them to be, and on a deeper level, a parable about Christ’s love for his bride and how his bride longs to be with Him in intimate relationship.

And guys, this is not a “chick” book.  It’s a story for everybody.  We could use a few more Mandys with tenacious devotion to their man and a few more Danes who give themselves for their woman as Christ gave Himself for His church.

ih:  What compels you to write about the supernatural, the mystical?

FP: I suppose because it makes for such great story material. A good story always takes the hero from an ordinary world into an extraordinary world, and the supernatural and mystical present an endless source of ideas.

You can go anywhere, create anything. There are no limits.  Plus, the supernatural and mystical always have one element that is highly effective in fiction, and that is the unknown. If it’s supernatural or mystical you can always hide it and make it mysterious. Bingo, you have a story.

ih: Of all the books you’ve written, which one would you consider your greatest work, and why?

FP: Well, that’s like asking a parent who their favorite child is.

All my books are different, and each has its strengths and its weaknesses. Each book appeals to different sensitivities among my readers in its own unique way.

This Present Darkness could be considered my greatest work because it has touched the most readers and has endured the longest; Tilly, on the other hand, has always been a very quiet, slow burner, a little unsung book working in the background. The Visitation is perhaps the first book in which I depict through my lead character my personal struggles in my faith; Illusion is my expression of awe and wonder at the love God has granted me.

Novels are like any other art.  You pour your soul into them and they go where they go and do what they do.  The outcome is from the Lord.

ih: What interests do you have outside of writing?

FP: Music. I have played the 5 string banjo for over 20 years and now I’m seriously studying the guitar. I lead worship at my local church which means I lead a worship band including musicians and singers. That’s a lot of fun, and always a creative challenge. It’s also a marvelous environment for learning how to work with people.

I love flying and still have a current pilot’s license, but alas, flying is getting too expensive and I don’t do much of it anymore.

I also love motion pictures and I’ve done some video production, but I guess that’s going to remain at the level of a hobby. Well, okay.

ih: What advice would you give to upcoming writers?

FP: Know what you’re doing. It’s not enough to want to write a book. You have to devote yourself to learning the writing craft, knowing all the nuts and bolts, rules and fundamentals of good fiction writing. I’ve often heard would-be writers advised to “never give up,” but that’s the worst thing you can tell somebody who has no skill, no knowledge of how it’s to be done. That person can never give up, and consequently waste his/her whole life producing unmarketable material. Know what you’re doing.


Thanks, Frank, for the interesting and informative answers!

One reader (today only) will win Peretti’s newest release Illusion.  Here’s how: either (1) leave a comment below telling us which Peretti book is your favorite and why OR (2) leave a comment on something that caught your attention reading today’s interview.

Winner will be chosen at random by the most amazing, intelligent, and handsome man alive: my husband!

(Book shipped within 2 weeks, continental U.S. address only).


22 thoughts on “Ask Frank (Peretti) Blog Tour

  1. Thanks to all for stopping by and leaving comments. Please come visit again, or feel free to follow this blog. There will be more author interviews and possible book giveaways in the future.


  2. And the winner is……………Rachel!! BUT we need a U.S address from Rachel.
    Please reply asap to my wife’s email!

  3. Great comments! It’s amazing to see how the power of words in story form have affected so many of your lives. I think for a Christian writer that is the reward, more than a contract or hitting the best-seller list. Frank Peretti’s words have opened spiritual eyes, healed wounds, provoked thought, and caused reflection.

    Many of your words left here have also impacted me, for which I thank you.

    We still have until midnight tonight to pick a winner, so anyone commenting yet later is in the running!

    Tomorrow I’ll announce via this comment thread. I honestly have no idea how my husband will do this, but if I know him (and I do!), he’ll use some type of concrete, scientific method. LOL!

    Grace and peace!

  4. Hi Ilona! No need to enter me in the giveaway. I’m the tail end of the tour. 🙂 This Present Darkness is my favorite. It was the first book I ever read of Frank’s. The visuals created by the story have stuck with me all my life.

  5. Hey Ilona! What a cool opportunity to be a part of the tour! Way to go! I “vote” 🙂 for Piercing the Darkness because I read it aloud to my children years ago during home school – it provoked many interesting discussions!

    Two years ago, the mental images of the angels comforted me when my daughter was carjacked. I could imagine in my mind the angels encouraging her to resist the man and the angels protecting her as she was pushed out of the car onto the highway.

    Your blog has brought memories flooding back today…

  6. From the author’s description of Illusion, it sounds as if it might be the best one yet. I certainly want to read it.

  7. I haven’t read Frank Peretti since This Present Darkness. this looks like a different kind of book simply from the cover. Would love to read it. I appreciated the admonition to know your craft. Writing is a craft and takes time to learn. wish you well with this new novel.

  8. Frank Peretti’s books have significantly impacted my life. My two favorites:

    1) “This Present Darkness”, because it completely changed how I view God’s activity in this world, and how he coordinates/orchestrates the interactions of so many people in our lives without our realizing it. Like Stephanie above, I still think about this book fairly frequently, even though I read it almost twenty years ago!

    2) “The Wounded Spirit”. This book profoundly affected me, because I was bullied as a young child and unpopular throughout my schooling experience. This left me suicidal and full of self-hate for many years. I brought this emotional mess with me, into adulthood—I felt ashamed of my past and hid it from co-workers, because deep down inside, I believed I truly was a loser, with no value as a human being. To deal with my self-hate, I threw myself into my career, and my achievements became my new identity.

    However, during my late twenties, I left my career to be a stay at home mom, and without achievements to define my identity, I emotionally imploded. Looking back, I can see that God was stirring up my heart. He prodded me to examine my childhood social experiences more deeply, and led me to resources (books and people) that helped me identify the labels I had accepted from others, remove those labels, and learn the truth about my value as a human being. I learned my value is not based upon my physical appearance, achievements, possessions, place on the social ladder, or others’ opinions. Instead, my value is based solely upon my relationship with God, the maker of this universe, and the fact that I am his beloved daughter! (1 John 3:1).

    “The Wounded Spirit” was one of several excellent books that helped me during this decade-long journey of emotional healing. As a well-respected voice, Peretti was an advocate who boldly spoke up for people like me, and encouraged us to speak up for ourselves and others, too. He challenged the prevailing societal attitude toward bullying at the time (“Oh, that’s just kids being kids.”), and he accurately pointed out that bullying actually involves kids damaging and destroying other kids’ hearts/souls.

    As a writer and speaker, I hope and pray that my words will someday impact others to the same degree that Peretti’s words have influenced me!

  9. The Door in the Dragon’s Throat from the Cooper Kids Adventure Series is without a doubt the greatest work of fiction of all time.

  10. I’d have to say that my favorite is This Present Darkness because, even though I read it many years ago, I STILL think about it frequently. The whole idea of spiritual warfare grabbed me and didn’t ever let go. Thanks, Frank.

  11. Thanks for the interview! Frank Peretti is definitely one of my favorite authors. Although I haven’t had the chance to read many of his books, (I’m an MK and there are no libraries where we live. x.x) I would have to say that of the books that I have read Monster and The Visitation are tied for first. I like Monster because it shows that with God’s help you can overcome any disability or any hinderance (I have Crohn’s Disease which can make life very difficult at times) that comes your way. I like The Visitation because it’s about two topics that are important to me and that I don’t think get talked about enough, demons and their activity in our world and the “stuff” of Christianity that sometimes gets in the way of our relationship with Jesus. I really look forward to reading this new book and all the rest!

  12. Well, I was loaned one of Franks first books by a friend of mine to while my evenings away while on a consulting assignment up in Bristol, TN and it was ‘This Present Darkness’ … When I began to read it I got so engrossed in it I couldn’t put it down. I finished the book within a week and couldn’t wait to go out and buy the other books that Frank had written at the time. I have been a fan of Frank’s writing ever since. This new work, ‘Illusion’ sounds like another great book altho on a different theme or story line but one that is near and dear to my heart. I am looking forward to reading tnis one now. I haven’t read one of Frank’s books yet that I haven’t liked. Great reads, every one!

  13. It’s hard to choose my favorite! All of his books easily become favorites for me, but if I have to choose, I would go with The Prophet. It was the first book I read by him and I couldn’t put it down! I cried and laughed and learned so much about doing what God wants no matter the cost. The book strengthened my walk with God!!!

  14. Good questions. I wish I could narrow Frank’s down to a favorite, but each one reveals so much. Want to name a favorite but can’t. Love them. A longtime fan. So grateful for a new one!

  15. I have been a fan for many years and am excited about another new book – I have already read the sneak peek and can’t wait to read the rest!
    My favorite book isn’t fiction though – it is “The Wounded Spirit” – should be required reading for all students 7 – 12 grade – every year.

    1. I agree, that book was amazing. I’m sharing it with my teenage nieces. I read it myself in my late teens years ( when it first came out). The Wounded Spirit is a must have for any teenager!

  16. I like Frank’s advice to writers. It’s true, we usually hear “don’t ever give up”, which is important advice, but knowing the craft is perhaps more so. Thanks for asking that question.

    My favorite book is The Oath. I read it in high school and got halfway through it in the first night. The story is full of mystery and tension, and it’s not preachy about its message even though there is a very clear one. Hands down one of my favorite all-time books.

  17. doing it better is not enough as doing it best! I love FP and his work. it just takes you to that place. When is your movie coming?

  18. Frank Peretti’s books are a favorite on our bookshelves.

    I liked his comment, “It’s not enough to want to write a book. You have to devote yourself to learning the writing craft.” I think we need to be reminded of this in everything we do. To do our best includes learning how to do it better!

  19. My favorite book is The Prophet. Faithfulness to God inspite of all that is trying to tear you apart and then seeing God work it all out for the good. A moving and encouraging read.

  20. I love the fact that Peretti leads worship at his church. Often times we wonder if those we admire are truly walking out their faith in their personal lives. Knowing he is committed to a local body and has a place of ministry there, is such a great example for his readers!


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