Don’t Pray Us Home

If we cannot be in the battle ourselves let us not seek to discourage others.  D.L. Moody

Not a few times have missionaries like us heard, “We’re praying you home.”

And we kindly and lovingly respond, “Don’t pray us home.”

We understand your concerns, your fears. With news of earthquakes, cartel activity, violent protests, and sickness or disease outbreaks, your reaction is to call us home.

“It’s time to come home.”

“Don’t you think you’ve been there long enough?”

“There is a need here you can fill.”

“We’re praying you home.”

Thanks, but no thanks.

What we ask is that you simply pray. For us. For our health and safety. For our faith. For our kids. For our work.

We need your prayers…of support.

We need your moral support. When you say to us, “We’re praying you home,” it’s discouraging. In essence you communicate that perhaps we’ve missed God, that we are no longer in His will.

You communicate that our ministry here lacks depth–perhaps importance or impact– and that it is easily uprooted and left behind.

Except you don’t see the tears we’ve sown, the lives we’ve touched, the relationships we’ve built. Neither do you know how lives here have touched ours, leaving imprints of love and a taste of God’s glorious kingdom.

Please don’t pray us away from that.

Instead, tell us you’re praying for us. Tell us you miss us. (We miss you too).

Tell us you’re proud of us, and you support our calling even though you worry about us. Tell us you pray that we prosper and bear much fruit in our work. Pray that we’ll be blessed and be a blessing.

But please….

….don’t pray us home!

10 thoughts on “Don’t Pray Us Home

  1. Amen, sister. Well-intentioned words hurt for the very reasons you stated. Do they really think it is that easy to just leave? Do they think God won’t tell us when it is time to leave? I’ve read articles on how to pray for m’s but not on how NOT to pray, so thanks.

  2. We absolutely would NEVER pray you home until and unless you tell us that God is moving you home. We will continue to pray for your safety and fruitfulness and, by the way, we DO miss you!

  3. Wow, so well said! Prayer warriors take note! You may never know how valuable your prayers are, but they are powerful and so so meaningful for those in the missionfield! So please pray as asked!


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