Feet Pies? (Reverse Cultural Shock and Language Faux Pas’)

In view of the fact we are soon returning to the USA for our year of furlough, these next several posts will deal with the changes we are/will be experiencing. Here’s something I wrote last year. I re-post this as I wonder, “what muttonheaded thing will I do/say this time around?”

Ever experience reverse cross-culture confusion? I did.

Back in the U.S. for our son’s college graduation, Mike and I went to a local discount store to pick up a few things needed. As we waited our turn in the checkout aisle, my eyes skimmed the magazines, from People to The National Enquirer to Women’s World. Since none of that (gossip) interested me, my eyes went to the top shelf where the small booklets are found, usually of recipes or medical helps or puzzles.

Then suddenly my brain crossed wires and my head cocked to one side. What? I thought to myself as my eyes stopped on one particular booklet. In large letters I read “FEET”, but the picture was that of a deliciously mouth-watering french silk chocolate pie stacked with whipped cream and graced with chocolate curls.

I stared at that for about fifteen-seconds trying to make the connection when suddenly both the truth of the matter and the “DUH!” self-remark hit me: I had read the English caption in Spanish: “PIES“.

I’m better now, thanks.

6 thoughts on “Feet Pies? (Reverse Cultural Shock and Language Faux Pas’)

  1. I’ve totally done that. Or pronounced a perfectly good English word with a lovely Spanish accent. Or when you see a bilingual sign, your eyes only read the Spanish until you go “Duh, I should have read that in English first because I CAN!”

  2. jajaja or hahaha! 🙂 I loved this… oh, how soon I will be doing the same! Thanks for reminding me to laugh through the challenges and mistakes! I look forward to hearing about your experiences this time around! Love and blessing to you!

    1. I’ll be expecting to hear yours, too. LOL! Thanks for all your tweeting/re-tweeting! Forgive me for not returning the favor as often; I’m simply not connected that often to the internet, nor to a smart phone. Blessings!


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