Blogging: Mental-Burping or Writing?

During this recent time of moving from one country to another, I’ve been chewing on and swallowing a multitude of words, thoughts, and emotions. Combined with these new surroundings and our temporarily erratic life, they churn together inside me. A slow mental digestion, it is something I’ve wanted badly to blog about, but haven’t.

Partly because I haven’t found time or yet revived my pluck, and partly because I’ve been contemplating blogging as public mental-burping (which requires neither much time nor pluck!).

Many blogs are in fact mental-burps, and for a reason: a blog is a web log, a place to open up and let your heart or thoughts come out for the world to see, right?

But the aspiring writer-blogger in me is in a tug-of-war with the mental-burping-blogger in me.

The mental-burper blogger simply writes to let escape what’s inside, whether long or short, foul or fresh, loud or hushed.

The writer-blogger writes well, her words arranged to flow musically while her message either waltzes, breaks, tangoes, or hip-hops with the reader, leaving them altered with some definitive response at the end.

The latter is what I dream of.

Yet too often the aspiring writer-blogger in me gets yanked into the blog mud-pit by the mental-burper-blogger in me. My muddy self stands to confess, “Guilty!”

This is neither a wrong, a mistake, nor a sin I’m confessing, for sometimes we are guilty of doing good things. But perhaps I should aim at better, instead of good enough?

Ugh! I’m still weighing the two against each other, and I still have so many words and thoughts within.

As a blog reader, what do you think? Which one of these types of blog do you prefer to read?

Before you answer, please excuse me for burping, mentally, this post. I did try writing it.

Because I’m still dreaming.

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8 thoughts on “Blogging: Mental-Burping or Writing?

  1. I definitely prefer writing. I don’t find the mental burp style of blogging, as you put it, inspiring nor thought provoking. Thanks for writing!

  2. Ah good question. I prefer writer-blogger myself, however occasional burps can be fun. I read some blogs that are full of burps and well, to be honest, I don’t visit them much. (I love your title, by the way. Mental-Burping, what a visual. Or audio. Whatever, it’s good.)

  3. I love that you are a “dreamer”! And you do make me want to “dance” with your posts! 🙂 Real life is probably actually a mixture of dancing, dreaming, burping, …and other bodily functions, don’t you think!?

    Personally, I’ve wondered about this too, and I am learning that I need most to listen to what GOD calls me to do – for blogging… and for all else. When/What He leads/inspires me to write, that I should write… not comparing with others, not writing to impress others… in the same way I should live my life…

    PS I’ll read what you write – burp/dream/music/etc, no matter what! 🙂

  4. Hard to answer. I think there really is a time for both perhaps partially depending on the purpose of the blog. I’ve debated that a bit myself. It may be better to let out those mental burbs rather than waiting till you have the time and energy to collect it all together into beautiful writing, but I’m sure the beauty will come through even in your “mental burps.”


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