Leaves and Changes


How I admire the changes of autumn, the loveliness of leaves.

How I dislike the changes of my life, the lostness of leaving.

Leaves and changes are seasonal. For the trees and for my life.


I’ve left a home and changed location eighteen times since I’ve been married. And I struggle to find the strength and beauty in each transition…for I feel weak and ugly, tattered and worn, inside and out.

Then I look at the leaves so graceful, adorning their branch through the warmth of sunshine and the onslaught of storm. Their season is short, and the time draws near. The change is seen; from the outer edge it’s color transforms. Because something is taking place on the inside.

Their full change is imminent. Then, one final wind, a soft spiral down, and their life is over.



But there is next year. Trees will bud and blossom, leaves will appear, and their purpose and beauty will again be appreciated.

In looking and admiring, an analogy concocts. With every change, my self must die. Beauty in process.

To be awe-inspiring, and simply inspiring. Breathtaking, and inviting.

Begin, it must, from the inside out.

Till I can admire the loveliness of change in every leaving – a purpose, an appreciation, blossoming in every season.




6 thoughts on “Leaves and Changes

  1. Blessings to you through the transition time. I can relate, for I resist change myself. This is a great analogy. I like the idea that change is an invitation to grow more beautiful on the inside.

  2. Fall is a beautiful time of year – there can often be no better time than a sunny October day as the leaves are changing as some are already fluttering down. It is the reality of the changing of the seasons, where everything green comes to fuition in a riot of color. As I have aged, I’ve come more and more to appreciate the changing of the seasons – the quiet solitude of a heavy snow, the budding of life again in the spring, the long summer days that stretch on till fall. There are so many analogies we can draw from the interplay of the seasons and compare them to the seasons of our lives. You, by dint of your calling, have had many more seasons, that is, beginnings and endings in your life and ministry than most of us. I pray that you can continue to draw the best out of each season in your life.


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