Between Manger and Glory

IMG_5143Can you pause for a few minutes today to pray for someone? And again tomorrow?

Yes, I know we’re only five days from Christmas. Yes, I know you’re busy; I am too – just as we were last Friday, when again an entire nation stopped the madness of life around them and cried out in prayer to God on behalf of children, teachers, a school, a community, a nation…and a world spinning violently out of our control.

You see, there IS time to pray and to intercede…when we want to, or are compelled to do so.

“Consequently, He is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them.” Hebrews 7:25

Between his first advent in a manger and his second (and soon) advent in glory, Christ lives, interceding for you and for me. Interceding is prayer, yet deeper. Interceding is standing in the gap for someone else; it is intervening on someone’s behalf.

What a gift. A needed gift.

My husband and I, as missionaries currently stateside to itinerate, travel to different churches every week preaching and sharing about our ministry in Mexico. Several times and in different locations we’ve been quietly approached after service by people who have said, “We’ve prayed for you every day since the last time you were here.”

“Last time” was five or six years ago. And they show us the worn out prayer card we passed out then.

A few have even said, “…since you were here the first time.”

The “first time” was seventeen years ago. One person even showed us every prayer card we’ve passed out since that first deputation.

Hearing the words “we’ve prayed for you” is like being handed a precious gift. Every thought or memory of those words is a re-opening of that gift, and it blesses us tremendously.

advent-seriesKeri Wyatt Kent’s subtitle for her book Deeply Loved, the basis of this Advent blog-hop I have joined, is “40 Ways in 40 Days to Experience the Heart of Jesus.” Chapter eighteen is titled, “Intercession.” We know we are deeply loved because Christ lives, is living, this very moment, interceding for us. To experience his heart at the deepest level is to intercede for others.

“If we want to experience the deep love of Jesus in a personal, individual way, we must stop focusing only on ourselves…we must balance prayers for our own concerns with prayers of intercession for others.” Keri Wyatt Kent

In the midst of your shopping and holiday preparations, have you considered giving the gift of intercession?

We are most like Christ when we pray and intercede.

Why not make one more list today: a prayer list. Write names of people you know who need prayer. Some may need healing, comfort, a financial miracle. Others may need hope or happiness, reconciliation or restoration.

The greatest need, however, for all and of all, is salvation from sin – the reason for the babe’s advent in a manger – which consequently prepares us for his second advent in glory.

May multitudes draw near to God through Jesus Christ today. That is what he is praying today, right now.

That, too, is my prayer, my gift, for you.


P.S. Anyone who comments will be entered into the “Advent Blog-Hop” book give away tomorrow, Friday Dec. 21.

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2 thoughts on “Between Manger and Glory

  1. I love that the LORD gives you those people who come forward to let you know of their prayers. Precious.

    Seems there are so many to pray for in my circle of influence this year. Thanks for the reminder.


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