Praying for Prodigal MKs

June 2 is the Worldwide Day of Prayer for Prodigals.

loving-a-prodigal_learning-to-rest-224x300When I saw author, missionary, and fellow member of the Redbud Writers GuildJudy Douglass, post a link on Facebook concerning this day of prayer she launched, I felt prompted to get involved.

Though I don’t have a prodigal, I feel a burden to join in praying on Sunday specifically for prodigal MKs (missionary kids). Because I am a missionary, other missionaries are like family.

Because I am a missionary, I understand the unique challenges of transitioning to and living in a cross-cultural context. And as hard as it can be for us as adults who sense the call and go obediently, some of our kids don’t deal well with it and upon leaving the nest may also abandon the faith, make bad (usually harmful) choices, live wildly, or simply fall apart as they struggle with various issues and search for identity and purpose in life.

Many parents pray, wait, hope, and watch for their prodigal to return; to hear their voice, to run to embrace them, to weep on their neck. Yet when thousands of miles separate parent from prodigal, often with little to no communication, that pain is multiplied.

Those missionaries fighting spiritual battles on the front lines often fight the hardest battle within. Broken hearts, deflated spirits, guilty feelings, empty arms.

Let’s pray!

Dear missionary mom or dad of a prodigal, we want to pray for your prodigal!

I invite you to please leave a comment with the name of your son or daughter, and any other information you feel safe to share. You can remain anonymous, if you so choose, though we would like to know in what corner of the world you serve and/or with what mission.

Dear reader, if you are not a missionary parent of a prodigal, I ask that you join us in prayer. Please leave a comment letting us know that you will pray.

Let’s lift these loved ones to the Lord!

The prayer of the righteous has great power as it is working!

James 5:16


Read Judy’s blog posts on Loving a Prodigal.

Download her free Loving a Prodigal e-books.

10 thoughts on “Praying for Prodigal MKs

    1. I have MK’s in my home now and am covering them but for the Prodigal MK’s too-strong prayers going up

  1. Please pray for our daughter who seems to be running away from her parents’ shadow, and in doing so has run away from the church.

  2. I ask for prayer for my daughter, Mindy, her husband, Chris, and their three-year-old daughter, Faith, as they serve the Lord as Christian missionaries in Estonia. This July, they will welcome into their family a newborn son and since their family and this grandma is so far away, I feel compelled to ask for your prayers on us and them. God bless all the work of your children and grandchildren.

  3. Please pray for three of ours: Christopher, Stephen, and Michelle. They’re all works in progress and we know God has them in His hands.


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