Discover Your Goals, Don’t Make Them

Path of a New Day ©I.K.Hadinger
Path of a New Day ©I.K.Hadinger

In life, work, or in ministry, we all make goals. Some of those succeed, some don’t.

Unexpected circumstances can take those beautifully crafted, well thought out goals and toss them overboard from our smoothly sailing life. It may happen in one swift twist of fate or perhaps through a wearisome, drawn out battle. Either way, you find yourself off course and in tumultuous waters.

Will it be caused by an illness, an accident, a loss, or perhaps by someone else’s actions?

Frustration at its finest as you kiss your well made goals goodbye.

What if we opted for a better way?

Goals are discovered, not made. God delights in showing us exciting new alternatives for the future.” Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline

This year, shall we try to discover our goals rather than make and cement them?

We can, through building Godly character, with eyes set on our Maker.

A discovery conceived from faith-conviction and incubated in meditative reflection. A discovery that doesn’t fear silence as it focuses on Scripture.

Goals discovered through willed obedience.

For the end of the matter is this: fear God and keep His commandments, for all else is vanity and striving after wind (Book of Ecclesiastes). May God delight you as He helps you discover your goals.

Happy New Year.



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