If I Should Quit

The poem below was written by the late Charles E. Greenaway, missionary to Africa and Europe in the mid to late 1900’s. I had the privilege of being in a service and listening to one of his powerfully compelling messages shortly after I was married.

I could tell he was a man of insight and wisdom. After the service, he told my husband, “You have a good wife there, take good care of her.”

May his poem’s message encourage you today….


If I Should Quit

If I should quit, what would the gain be?
Would the battle be lost? Would I really be free?
No, the door would not close, nor the battle cease,
because God would have another to stand in the breach if I quit.
If I should quit, what would I do?
Seek shelter from the heat, forget the cry of the lost?
Would I be happy for a time, then find I was through—
And spend my time praying for something to do,
saying, “God, why did I quit?”

If I should quit, I would find that God had not;
the battle would still rage, the church would march on.
The wind would keep blowing, the Spirit infilling,
only I would be farther and farther behind,
unwilling, wondering, “God, why did I quit?”

If I should quit, what could I say to God who called me;
and the people who sent me,
and the pagan who trusted me to show him the way?
And the Spirit’s urging day after day? God, I can’t quit!

If I should quit, let it be when I am dead.
Not while I’m alive, nor when I’m dissatisfied,
nor when I’m criticized, or minimized, or ostracized,
but please, God, let quitting time for me be-
When I am dead!

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