Livin’ in Limbo Landia


I’m where I don’t belong.  To where I do belong, I can’t yet go.  Yet where I don’t belong is where I’m from, and to where I do belong I’m a stranger, a foreigner.

Welcome to my world: Limbo Landia- a place where there is neither yes nor no, only I don’t know.  A place where suitcases and moving boxes are caught in a real life freeze frame.

Budget issues, then medical issues, followed by visa issues, now counselling issues.

Limbo Landia is a paradox, not a paradise.  It’s a treadmill existence of running the race.

We can’t just jump off this treadmill whenever we want but must wait until a change is effected.   We are in constant stationary motion.

We can all become loco in this land if not for the one thing that is…





My God!   And His Word coupled with His people. His promises supercede Limbo Landia and his encouragement extends everywhere.   His prescription for pain and examples of others motivate the momentum needed in my heart.

I’m where I don’t belong.  To where I do belong, I can’t yet go.  Yet I know He is with me.  Wherever and whenever.  Even in Limbo Landia.



3 thoughts on “Livin’ in Limbo Landia

  1. Dear sweet friend, I love this post… a beautiful tapestry of longing and hope, of waiting and contentment, of uncertainty and trust. Praying for you as you travel this unplanned journey with your family and your God.


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