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If I Should Quit

The poem below was written by the late Charles E. Greenaway, missionary to Africa and Europe in the mid to late 1900’s. I had the privilege of being in a service and listening to one of his powerfully compelling messages shortly after I was married.

I could tell he was a man of insight and wisdom. After the service, he told my husband, “You have a good wife there, take good care of her.”

May his poem’s message encourage you today….


If I Should Quit

If I should quit, what would the gain be?
Would the battle be lost? Would I really be free?
No, the door would not close, nor the battle cease,
because God would have another to stand in the breach if I quit.
If I should quit, what would I do?
Seek shelter from the heat, forget the cry of the lost?
Would I be happy for a time, then find I was through—
And spend my time praying for something to do,
saying, “God, why did I quit?”

If I should quit, I would find that God had not;
the battle would still rage, the church would march on.
The wind would keep blowing, the Spirit infilling,
only I would be farther and farther behind,
unwilling, wondering, “God, why did I quit?”

If I should quit, what could I say to God who called me;
and the people who sent me,
and the pagan who trusted me to show him the way?
And the Spirit’s urging day after day? God, I can’t quit!

If I should quit, let it be when I am dead.
Not while I’m alive, nor when I’m dissatisfied,
nor when I’m criticized, or minimized, or ostracized,
but please, God, let quitting time for me be-
When I am dead!

The Spirit of Christmas Calls Today


photo credit


The Spirit of Christmas calls today

“I am the Truth, the Life, the Way.”

Changing hearts and souls within

Freeing from chains of guilt and sin.

Any to Him who go He receives

like a child who, in faith, believes.

The Spirit of Christmas calls today,

“My peace is yours, if enter I may?”








On The Path

photo ©I.K.Hadinger

My legs walked

My ears heard

My heart beat to

Creation’s chorus.


© I.K.Hadinger

My eyes beheld

My hands photographed

My spirit smiled at

Creation’s magnificence.


My head turned

My soul sang

My mind awed at

Creation’s perfection.


© I.K. Hadinger

My thoughts pondered

My voice whispered

My faith recommitted to

Creation’s Creator.

I.K. Hadinger

The Cross is Empty

Wooden Christian Cross

The Cross is Empty

So our life would not be.

The Cross was laden with sins

So ours could be forgiven.

The Cross was Christ’s death

So He can be our life.

The Cross wasn’t the end

Only a part of God’s plan

of Resurrection

of Salvation

of Hope

for all.


©I.K. Hadinger 2012



Why So Overwhelmed, O My Soul?

Butchers Creek, Omeo, Victoria, Australia.

Why so overwhelmed, o my soul?

 Be refreshed…

 By stilling yourself

in the presence

of your Maker

By letting the shepherd

guide you to the water

By drinking deeply

of the living source

that flows from the Lamb

who died

of course.

 For me

 To know

Peace and joy

 In my heart,

In my work,

In my thoughts.

Why so overwhelmed, oh my soul?

Still Have a Dream?

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, today’s Monday Missions Motivator was inspired by this quote by him:

Now, I say to you today my friends, even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream…

When the excitement fades of the culture you’ve crossed, when you walk in a fog and your hopes seem lost,

Do you still have a dream?

When the passion has waned, and the joy turns to pain, when the stress overbears and does anyone care?

Do you still have a dream?

When the road to the future seems uncertain and dim, when you look ahead and can’t clearly see Him,

Do you still have a dream?

When trials, tribulations, and offenses come, when your bravery and boldness becomes undone,

Do you still have a dream?

Then consider His goodness, mercy, and love, then see Him descending in form of a dove,

And remember your dream.

Then wait in His presence seeking His face, the reward in His hands are strength and grace,

To remember your dream.

Then call on your friends, sisters, and brothers, then see mystical workings of “one-anothers”,

To remember your dream.

Then rejoice in His name, above all, powerful true, then weep or shout for God has revived you,

To still have a dream.

© 2012 I.K. Hadinger

Piropos- Flirtations

Latins do have a romantic reputation now, don’t they?  Every Valentine’s Day brings out a new host of piropos, or flirtatious sayings around here.  I love them!  They go both ways, too:  from the man to the woman or from the woman to the man.


Here’s a sampling of a few.  (They flow much nicer in Spanish, and many of them rhyme):

  • If beauty were seconds, you’d be 24 hours.
  • When you take a sip, I want to be the glass, to meet at your lips and give you a kiss on the mouth
  • You’re late! I’ve been waiting for you my whole life.
  • To tell myself to stop thinking of you is like telling my heart to stop beating.
  • You’re like a capuccino:  sweet, hot, and you make me nervous!
  • I’ll only stop loving you the day an artist can paint the sound of a tear falling…
  • Didn’t you get hurt when you fell from the sky?
  • Heaven must be sad to have lost a beautiful angel like you
  • When you’re in my arms, I forever wonder how much I owe destiny for the fortune it gave me to be with you
  • If your arms were my chains, and loving you my prison, what a joy it would be to serve my sentence!
  • I wish I were one of your tears:  born in your eyes, fall down your cheeks, and die on your lips.

Where I’m From

An MK (missionary kid) poem

Where I’m From

I’m from here to there
from near to far
from “time to move again”
and buy another car.

I’m from the grace of God
and the love of the Lord
to “we don’t know the plan
of what he’s got in store”.

I’m from the desert lands
and the barren plains
we got to leave again
and the mental pains.

I’m from the highs and lows
from the ups and downs
to we’ll get there
and receive our heavenly crowns.

by Michael Hadinger

God, Simply Put

God, Simply Put


A mystery of light and life,

He the groom I the wife.


A mighty wind removing chaff,

A shepherd gentle with His staff.


Rock, fortress, feathers or wings,

His protection is so many things.


Counselor, teacher, guide, a friend

My all in all He has no end.