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Loving the Least (or the Greatest?) of These: This Two Yr. Old Champion Needs Our Help to Survive

We don’t live in Chihuahua anymore, so we have not had the privilege of meeting him yet, but everything I read about him amazes me. He’s empathic with others. He encourages his parents. His smile lights up whatever room he is in. He touches lives wherever he goes.

And he is only two years old.

His name is Mateo and he has was born with kidney failure.


He has already undergone eight surgeries in his short life, and is scheduled for a kidney transplant soon in Mexico City….

...IF they have enough money for the surgery. He has a donor (his grandmother!), but not the funds.

Can you help save his life? 179743_10152265835496549_1544472386_n

His mom, uncle, and grandparents are personal friends of ours from Chihuahua, Mexico. In fact, among the many times they blessed us and helped us out, one of the most urgent one was while I had an emergency C-section and they took care of our three sons, delivering meals, and doing whatever they can.

For us as foreigners without family close by, they were family.

Would you take a moment and share love generously with a family in desperate need? It takes as much time as ordering your carmel macchiato at Starbucks and less time than ordering your burrito at Chipotle.

Click here to bless Mateo.

We did.

Thank you for giving. Mateo and his mom, Lizzie Mateo and mom, Lizzie, having fun. 1209038_10152445151396549_1011613518_n About the photo above, Lizzie writes: “My son offering his hand to another boy; I love his empathy! One of the best moments in the hospital, one of the greatest lessons of the year.” 1493218_10152701760636549_648362233_n In the photo below you see how this medical procedure is explained to a toddler. Lizzie writes, “Explaining dialysis before inserting the catheter. When I finished explaining it to Mateo, I asked him if he wanted to do it; I told him I was scared and my eyes filled with tears…and he reached over with his little hands to hold mine and said, “Shhii  (yesh).” 1800275_10152743135691549_437770726_n