Photo 19I am a member of the Redbud Writers Guild and of the LAC (Latin America and Caribbean) Writers Guild.

I have several books I’ve begun writing…in my mind. But the honest truth is, I am still learning and growing in this craft.

Published articles:

Christianity Today’s Gifted for Leadership

End the Struggle Between Ministry and Money

Making the Most of Your Mission Trip

Thrive Community Magazine

Pavos, Flecos, Bangs


Brooklyn Marching Band Performs at Walt Disney

Inge’s Styling Salon Celebrates 40th Anniversary

A World Inside a Brooklyn Bungalow

Brooklyn Drama Club Presents “Annie”

Tortilla Press

Don’t Deceive Me!

Needed: Spirit Led Intercessors

Laundry Baskets and Books: Our Smuggling Operation

Job: Eloquent on Suffering

Margarita and Her 100 Tostadas

Being, then Doing (A Lesson from When Word Became Flesh)

I Feel So Stupid! (A Missionary’s Perspective on Humility)

Working with Empty

Luxurious Christian Living

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

Don’t Pray Us Home

Cookie Cutter Missionary, A Tale

Sarah’s Monologue – A 3 Minute Missions Drama

Pavos, Flecos, Bangs



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